BankniftyEDGE Pro

1,100.009,999.00 (as per subsciption)

Our  Software generates real time Signals during market hours which can help you trade professionally (Only Buy positions). It will clearly show you at what levels to take an entry / square-off an existing trade.

Indicated cost is the subscription cost of using the software as per the duration selected.

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Indian Equity Buy Sell Signal Software

Our AutoTrading / Signal Generator Software will help in elimination of Emotional quotient and aids in taking an informed decision. Know the exact entry levels. Clear indication when to exit the trade. Stop loss levels defined before entering the trade itself. Completely eliminate the Guess work out of any trade.

Our Software performs thousands of calculations in fraction of a second in real time and hence gives an EDGE in taking an early trade. Our software also eliminates unwanted trades as each and every signal has to pass many levels of filtration process for the final confirmation.

We have a special Buy / Sell buttons on the chart itself to initiate a trade almost instantaneously without any delay as all the required order parameters are predefined in the Software itself.

Open as many charts as required with different instruments / symbols and trade in all simultaneously from a single Charting platform.

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