4 Targets and 2 Stop Losses for every trade*

Our Software is designed keep in mind the theory of “Maximum Profits and Minimum Losses”. For every BUY trade our software will book profits at 4 different levels so as to maximize the returns from any kind of rally or breakout. you may note that, out of 4 targets 2 targets are fixed and 2…

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Build With Technical Analysis

Our Software is build on the basis of Technical Analysis with the help of some leading Indicators. This ensures that our software captures some of the best Trend Reversals and helps in maximizing gains.

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Designed with the aim to adequately safeguard the Capital.

Software is designed considering capital protection for any trader as foremost priority. Profits as and when the time comes will automatically follow. It is important the survive most of the cyclones to see the new light of the day. Of course all the trades will not give us profits. However we aim to minimize losses…

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We have more than 15 Years of experience in Stock Market to guide you for a better Future.

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