What should be done in case of any Software issue?

LIVE Market throws unforeseen permutations and combinations while trading. Though our softwares are exclusively tested, their could be some bugs / issues left off unknowingly.   In case you come across any such issue, first thing to do is STOP the AutoTrader bridge software. Check for any open positions and Squareoff Manually. Now you can…

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What is the Margin / Capital Required for Trading ?

Twenty five thousand is the minimum margin we recommend for Trading in Banknifty / Nifty Options via BankniftyEDGE Pro / NiftyEDGE Pro. We recommend to trade a contract which is in the range of  Rs. 100 to 140 for banknifty. Similarly for Nifty options we recommend a contract with the price range of Rs. 75…

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Do we offer TRIAL Period?

YES we have a trial period of 7 days. However you will require: a trading / demat account with Zerodha. Once your Zerodha Account is activated, you should opt for trial and not before that. Amibroker Charting Software – Trial also available. an AutoTrader software (also has 7 days trial) which will connect to zerodha…

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What kind of Internet Connection is Required?

Any kind of broadband connection will suffice. Only requirement is a stable connection. Data consumption is around 400mb for around 40 symbols per day. It may vary depending upon the exact number of symbols loaded in the Charting Software. (For Eg: JioFi wireless data connection with quarterly plan of Rs. 399/- is good enough for…

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Why we have different software’s for different segments?

Consider this to different types of cars. A small car would offer higher fuel economy but would compromise on Speed, comfort and performance. Whereas a BMW will offer great comfort, safety and performance but at the cost of low fuel efficiency. Similarly No Single Software can work for all Segments (Cash Market, Futures, Options). Even…

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Are Future Updates Free of Cost?

NO. Software updation and optimization will be a continuous process. Good suggestions and feedbacks from our customers will also be a part of our regular updations. Some updations may be triggered on account of changes in LOT sizes for Nifty / Banknifty from the exchange. We have an AMC charge of Rs. 8400/- per annum….

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Do our Software work independently?

No. We use : “Amibroker Charting Platform” to display and read the charts. Based on candlestick patterns and other data, buy or sell signals are generated. Amibroker does not punch the orders. “Autotrader” as a bridge to help get the connectivity between Amibroker & Brokers platform via its API. Autotrader helps us to punch our…

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