Can fire huge quantities in multiple orders

Automated softwares can fire multiple orders in fraction of a second. Asset Management Companies, HNI’s, Mutual Funds, etc need to buy and sell huge quantities. With the help of Automation this is now possible. Their orders can be further split into small quantities thereby not affecting the price movements / price actions.

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Captures breakouts at perfect BUY Levels

Captures every move at right price levels aided by faster calculations to increase our Risk-Reward ratio when entering in a trade. Often their is a time delay in capturing a move in an manual entry. This can prove costly as we could end up buying at higher levels. This increases our chance of losses, as…

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Aids Multitasking

Automation frees oneself from carrying out other day-to-day activities or any parallel business. You just need to monitor the system occasionally. Hence you can be more productive and can multitask.

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Boost Confidence in taking a trade

Automation removes fear from trading. We sometimes miss good opportunities of taking a trade as we are confused and time takes prices high which makes it impossible to enter into trade. Leave it on software and get rid of apprehensions or confusion.

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Eliminates Emotional Quotient

It is well proven that traders do incur heavy losses, when they trade emotionally. Most of the time emotions does not allow us to exit a trade which is going in loss. We hold on to such trade assuming it might reverse and we fall into bear trap.

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Purely Intraday System

Our System is purely designed for Intraday. Advantage being no worries for tomorrow. Let any adverse event take place any where in the world which might affect our stock market, you are always immune to any kind of its outcome. Stay safe and have a good night sleep.

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