Welcome to NiftyEducation.  We specialize in providing mentor-ship programmes for beginners / intermediates / professionals along with special proprietary trading tools which provides an edge in the stock market based on the understanding of Technical Analysis. A good understanding of Technical Analysis with respect to reading of Candlestick Chart patters and various indicators like RSI, Stockastic, MACD, Bollinger bands, Gann Square of nine, Eliott wave theory, etc will help in becoming a successful professional trader  or investor. Technical Knowledge combine with fundamental analysis will empower you to trade with confidence and help understand entry and exit levels for any underlying class of asset.


Knowledge combined with todays technology, can give us “An EDGE” in trading and help us follow SMART MONEY movement. With lots of research and analysis we have developed Special Tools/Softwares for trading in Equity / Options  and Futures.. Our softwares has market leading features and has the potential to take positions in most of the breakouts / Reversal Patterns.


Our Softwares essentially just acts as an intermediary between the brokers terminal, the bridge and the charting software. Buy / Sell signals generated are as per the strategy developed on charting software. Only when the bridge software is made “Live” the orders will go through. So essentially the orders will go only with your consent.


Our software requires “Bridge Platform” (Optional – only if you require to Punch Orders directly to the broker platform) and “Amibroker” (Compulsory as a charting tool) to work. Our Software performs thousand of calculations in a fraction of a second and gives live signals for an early entry into the trade. We shall provide all the required support in installation of all the above softwares. Our softwares can also be used as a live scanner for taking manual entry or for paper testing.

We have more than 15 Years of experience in Stock Market to guide you for a better Future.

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