Welcome to NiftyEducation. A comprehensive portal for Indian Stock Market. We provide Training and education on Technical Analysis and its vital role in trading into the stock market. A good understanding of Technical Analysis with respect to reading of Candlestick Chart patters and various indicators like RSI, Stockastic, MACD, Bollinger bands, Gann Square of nine, Eliott wave theory, etc will help a person becoming a successful professional trader  or investor. Technical Knowledge will empower you to trade with confidence and help understand entry and exit levels for any underlying class of asset.


Knowledge combined with todays technology, can give us “An EDGE” in trading and help us follow SMART MONEY movement. With lots of research and analysis we have developed Special Softwares for trading in Banknifty / Nifty Options. This softwares has market leading features and has the potential to take positions in most of the breakouts.


Our Softwares essentially just acts as an intermediary between the brokers terminal, the bridge and the charting software. Buy / Sell signals generated are as per the strategy developed on charting software. Only when the “Autotrader” bridge software is made “Live” the orders will go through. So essentially the orders will go only with your consent.


Our software is “Not a full fledged Algo Trading System”. It requires “Autotrader bridge” and “Amibroker” to work. Hence we are outside the purview of “Algo Registration with SEBI / NSE”.¬† A user can disable any of component as per his choice. You may even use our software as a live scanner on the charts for taking manual entry or for paper testing. We are just an “Strategy Software provider”.

We have more than 15 Years of experience in Stock Market to guide you for a better Future.

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